Progressives Express Mixed Feelings After Joe Biden picks Kamala Harris for VP

Last Tuesday, Joe Biden selected Senator Kamala Harris as his VP pick. Biden announced the selection via text-message and an e-mail sent to his supporters. Once the news was shared via social media, it left some progressives with conflicting opinions.

Ms. Harris is the first black woman and the first person of Indian descent to be nominated for national office. Many Democrats and especially African-Americans see it as a celebratory history-making moment. While many Black Americans are thankful for the representation of color and gender, some question Ms. Harris’ motives.

In her presidential campaign, she definitely rubbed many African-Americans the wrong way. Her past far right stances on criminal justice issues as a prosecutor and attorney general, makes some people feel very uneasy. Some of her stances included, opposing the legalization of marijuana, and opposing a statewide police body camera mandate.

It seems that once again the theme of the upcoming presidential primary election is choosing the lesser of two evils. Many Democrats have more resentment for President Trump/ Mike Pence than they have for Joe Biden/ Kamala Harris, so many Democrats are put in a box.

However, this doesn’t excuse Kamala Harris from critique of the Democratic party. I believe she has to do a lot of media attention and convincing that she has learned from her past right-wing prosecutions. She has to get more progressives to believe in her, to ensure their comfortability in voting this Fall.

While Democrats are faced with conflicting views on Biden’s pick, In the grand scheme of things to have a black woman as a VP elect is “her-story” in the making.

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