Steps To Control and Manage Your Post Grad Depression

For many recent graduates getting a job straight out of college can be a struggle. For the graduating class of 2020, it’s even harder finding a job after the COVID-19 pandemic left many employers hesitant to take on new hires. Now months after graduating, there are many recent graduates who are beginning to feel discouraged about not having a job.

Post grad depression is a common phase for recent graduates who are struggling to find jobs, and lose a sense of purpose in one of their biggest life transitions. Many college students have the idea they’ll get their full-time offer straight out of college and their new apartment, but sometimes life and even a pandemic can get in the way.

As a recent graduate who also found herself slipping into a post-grad depression with the trying job search, I wanted to share some ways to overcome the feelings of self-doubt and how to gain motivation:

1. Stop comparing yourself to your peers, what’s for you will BE for you

I know with social media it’s easy to see your followers getting their full-time offers and moving into their brand new apartments. However, the worst thing you can do is compare yourself. Everyone has a different purpose in life, and different paths to get to their goal. We should celebrate the accomplishments of those closest to us.

2. Make better use of your time

If you really want a job, it should be your top priority. So as much as we love our sleep, we have to wake up earlier so that we can get more things accomplished in a day. Remember we are sleeping to live not living to sleep.

3. Revamp your Linkedin and professional portfolios/resume

Now is the perfect time to revamp your resume, and make yourself more marketable on Linkedin. You now have the free time to connect with recruiters and build connections virtually. You should come out of this pandemic with your profile up to date and letting recruiters know you are a force to be reckoned with.

4. Find a new hobby/skill that brings you joy

A big mistake that many recent graduates do in their job search is wake up, eat, apply to jobs, eat, apply to more jobs, eat, and sleep. We often forget that we must also do the things that make us happy. Whether that be trying a new DIY home project, trying a new hairstyle, or even learning a new language. We have to maintain some normalcy especially during this pandemic.

5. Manifest and pray for your life goals

Prayer and manifestation goes a long way in reaching your goals. Not only do we have to believe it, but we must speak it into existence in order for it to come true. We have to have faith and rely on God’s timing. I know it may feel like you’re applying to jobs everyday and not getting the results you would hope for, but I strongly believe that we will all get through this accomplishing our career goals.

3 thoughts on “Steps To Control and Manage Your Post Grad Depression

  1. I love this! I feel like post-grad is such an interesting time in life, but these tips will definitely help me continue pushing on!


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